Urgent Care Advantage Plan

We listened to our patients – from both those with and those without health insurance – and understand, they struggle with understanding and covering the cost of health expenses, co-payments, deductibles, out of pocket maximums and other changes to their health care spending. Urgent Care Advantage Plan is not an insurance plan, instead it is a unique way to gain access to an Urgent Care provider at a low monthly fee. For insured patients with high deductibles and co-pays, our membership program is a perfect fit. Instead of paying the full expense out of pocket on every visit, our plan allows you to pay a monthly fee and a small administrative fee to visit any Urgent Clinics Medical Care facility as often as you and your family members need to. Because we are an urgent care with walk-in services, we can see a range of conditions that would otherwise cost patients thousands on an out of pocket basis in an emergency room or similar facility.

For uninsured patients and/or patients seeking care outside of their health insurance plan, Urgent Clinics Medical Care Advantage is your solution. It grants full access to any Urgent Clinics Medical Care providers with walk-in services and you can visit any location as frequently as needed.

Our Urgent Care Advantage Plan allows access to our clinic unlimited times per month for as low as $35 per month. Each Member who visits the clinic for treatment is only charged $10 per visit. Once payment is received you will be eligible for treatment. Membership includes:

  • Office Visits
  • Simple Lacerations
  • Injections (Pain, Antibiotic, and Tetanus)
  • Strains,
  • Sprains
  • Digital X-Rays (Simple Fracture Care)
  • Pediatrics IV for (Dehydration or Antibiotics)
  • Headaches
  • Burns (1st and 2nd Degree)
  • EKG’S
  • In-house Labs (Urinalysis, Strep Screens, Flu Test, and Mono Spots)
  • All members will receive special member rates on any in-house services not listed above.

Membership Fees

Number of Members Monthly Cost  If Paid Annually
1 $35 $387 (Save $33)
2 $68 $734 (Save $82)
3 $101 $1,081 (Save $131)
4 $126 $1,344 (Save $168)

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**There is a one-time enrollment fee of $10 per member. This fee is capped at $30 for families with four or more members. Urgent Clinics Medical Care gives you peace of mind knowing that your entire family is covered when it comes to aches, pains, cuts, sprains, bumps, bruises, colds, the flu or any reason you need urgent care.

Download the Urgent Clinics Medical Care Enrollment Form from our website at www.urgentclinicsmedicalcare.com or stop by an Urgent Clinics Medical Care location to sign-up today!

∗∗ This plan is NOT Health Insurance. This program is designed to allow participating members to obtain the program benefits provided by UCMC. It does not involve insurance or evidence of insurance coverage. In addition, Urgent Clinics Medical Care makes no representation or statement that claims to offer or provide discounts or access to discounts on purchase of health care services from providers other than Urgent Clinics Medical Care, except for the provision of discount cards.

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